Prime Scales PS-IN202 Digital Indicator with RS232 Signal Output


Whether you currently require a basic indicator or anticipate the need to connect your scale with the BizAutom network in the future, the PS-IN202 is an ideal choice.


The Prime PS-IN202 indicator is a highly reliable and accurate Legal For Trade (NTEP approved) device with serial output, designed for seamless integration with printers or PCs. It is now compatible with the Prime Station server, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

This indicator is widely recognized as the most preferred choice among Prime Scales products, and all software products related to scale input utilize the PS-IN202 protocols. Whether you currently require a basic indicator or anticipate the need to connect your scale with the BizAutom network in the future, the PS-IN202 is the perfect solution.

Featuring an intuitive interface and a clear LED display with backlight, the PS-IN202 ensures effortless operation and provides optimal visibility. It is particularly renowned for its outstanding performance in floor scales, small truck scales, and hoppers, among other applications. The 0.7″ high contrast LED display with backlight enhances readability, while the configurable analog to digital measurement rate ensures accurate and precise measurements.

The versatility of the PS-IN202 is further demonstrated through its complete digital calibration with a full range, support for display modes of NET weight and GROSS weight, motion detection, and automatic zero maintenance functionality.

One notable feature of the PS-IN202 is its “type-in” calibration, allowing for easy cloning of indicators without the need for recalibration. Additionally, with the optional wireless adapter, two PS-IN202 indicators can be paired together as a team. The “slave” indicator accurately replicates the information displayed on the “master” indicator, and users can conveniently operate the “master” indicator by using the buttons on the “slave” device. This feature proves advantageous in various scenarios, such as when a floor scale has the “master” indicator mounted on the wall and the “slave” indicator mounted on a forklift.

Other noteworthy features include on-demand and continuous data output capabilities, five-button operation for intuitive navigation, a counting function, a bracket for wall mounting or tilt stand, a built-in rechargeable battery, and a reliable power supply through the included 110V AC/DC adapter. The dimensions of the PS-IN202, including the bracket, are 9.3″ (L) x 2.8″ (D) x 6.5″ (H).

It is important to note that the PS-IN202 proudly holds NTEP COC# 12-112 certification, ensuring its compliance with the highest industry standards of accuracy and reliability.


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